Recursive karatsuba multiplication in Python

I'm currently taking the class Algorithm: Design and Analysis of Stanford via Coursera and in the class the Karatsuba algorithm got mentioned. I went ahead and implemented it based on the lecture slides.

The Karatsuba algorithm is a fast multiplication algorithm. It's special because it was the first multiplication algorithm …

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Only use worker when required on heroku with Django/Python

For a mobile project I required a background worker which sents an email with 300 generated QR codes zipped together as attachment. This costs quite some time so we need a background worker to execute this task.

I wanted to achieve the following result:

  • When the user wants to generate …

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Django Custom View Decorator with Arguments

To make my life easier I made a simple decorator which checks if the parameters are present in the request.POST or request.GET and returns a response if they are not.

It accepts a list of parameters in string format and will loop through each parameter to check if …

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