The Watercube and it's big waterpark

The day before yesterday we went to a big waterpark inside the Watercube in the Olympic Park. We watched some pictures and thought it was really big, but when we came there we noticed it wasn't as big as we thought :P Pictures not only lie with girls, but also with waterparks.

Aqualoop in Beijing

It was still pretty good though, there were 3 pretty high, fast and scary slides and the others were more for kids. There was also the most crazy slide I ever saw. When we saw it outside we already thought wow this is really fast and steep. They first shoot you fast down and then with the speed you gain you will go up again, nearly like a rollercoaster with a loop inside. But that wasn't all when we went upstairs to see the entrance of the slide it got even more crazy. There was a machine which looked like coffin or capsule, which the guy there will open for you and asks you to go in. Then they close the coffin and a womans voice says 3-2-1 and the floor under your feet goes away and you fall down in the slide.

So who would want to take such a slide? Well not so many, also nearly no people toke it so I certainly didn't want to risk my life :P But Bart really wanted to take it and insisted that he would only take it if I took it. So I first interviewed a girl who took the slide and asked her if she felt like she had to puke or got hurt or felt dizzy and such. After the interview was positive I agreed to go with Bart and risk my life haha. I was pretty nervous when the woman said 3-2-1 but when I got out I felt it wasn't that scary. Although I got hurt a little, I have a small wound on my leg now because it went too fast and my leg got burned or something I guess. This is the slide in question:

After all it was pretty fun, I also never knew there was a waterpark inside the Watercube. But thanks to Bart and his mother, who actually knew there was a waterpark, we went there :) Bart treated us, pretty good :D Today we will go on a bike trip through whole Beijing. Tomorrow probably more about that :)