The Beijing Bike Tour and China Belly Problems

New pics are added to the same album:

The day before yesterday went on bike tour to some famous lakes in Beijing (Beihai, Houhai, Qianhai, Xihai) and some temple which was closed already :( We biked the following path I created the route on Google Maps for people, who want to try it also: The Route on Google Maps.

View Beijing Bike Tour Wudaokou -> Beihai in a larger map

The bike tour itself was also already pretty good, we didn't use the normal roads but tried to go through the neighborhoods around here. That was pretty fun, the neighborhood we went through seemed a little poor many dirt on the street and many people selling vegetables, also saw a store selling chickens, which were still alive. Actually we were planning to start at Xihai and go down to Beihai, but because we went much faster than expected we ended up at Beihai and went up again to Xihai.

After arriving at Beihai we decided to go in and pay the small entrance fee, which I really hate. Don't wanna pay for some touristic attraction. It will make me feel too much like a tourist. Inside the park it looked pretty good, we went with a small boat to the other side of the lake. On the boat I talked with some Chinese kids and his father was using his iPad to make pictures and videos. We were also on some of those pics :P

Yesterday we went to the Olympic park, a park which they built just for relaxing and beauty. At the entrance of the park there is a big lake with many golden carps, which you can feed and touch if you are quick enough :P We also fed them some Chinese white bread. After it became dark, we went fishing nearby the Olympic park, but didn't catch any :( Last time I went fishing there with Lindan, we catched 2 gold fishes.

Today we planned to go to the great wall, but Bart was a little sick because we traveled too much. Not serious luckily, just little uncomfortable in the belly. The standard stuff you get in China. But I'm there no need to worry, already bought some western food like bread and jam and water. He is already feeling much better. But having a good relax also wasn't that bad for myself also :P

Tomorrow we will even go out to travel again if Bart is totally recovered. We will go to Summer Palace (Yi he yuan) and another famous park nearby called Yuan ming yuan.