Samwich: Sam's tasty sandwiches

I went to sell sandwiches on the streets of Beijing. Why you think? Just for fun and experience. I often buy food on the streets here myself, stuff like sushi, pancakes, noodles etc and I really like it. It's quick fun and tasty. So I also wanted to do that.

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Today I first went to Weiduomei 味多美 to buy some Baguettes(stokbrood), that french long crispy bread, we bought 2 for 12元 \~1,20 euro. After that we went to the supermarket to buy tuna fish(12元 \~1,40 euro) in can and olive oil and a plate to put the sandwiches on. After coming back at the appartment I still needed to buy tomatoes and vegetable, which we bought for 4 yuan \~ 0,40 euro. So in total all the ingredients costed 30元 \~3 euro.

When we got all the ingredients around 7 o'clock I started making the sandwiches with tuna, tomato, salad and olive oil, with tomato ketchup. At 8 o'clock we started selling, in the beginning I felt weird all the people had to laugh also at me when they saw a foreigner selling stuff on the street, many people looked at the paper Lindan wrote:Tuna sandwich Big ones 10元, small ones 5元. The first 10 minutes many people looked but nobody buyed, although I was screaming Jing Chang Yu San Ming zi,  Da de 10 kuai, Xiao de 5 kuai, still people didn't want to buy it. Some people told me they are full and just ate hehe. But after some time our first customer bought a small one it were 2 girls. After that it went pretty quick within 1 hour we sold nearly all and though it is enough, now we want to eat what's left ourself haha.

In the end we earned 35元, but the costs of all the sandwiches were 30元. We ate 2 sandwiches ourself, so we ate free sandwiches today and still made 5 yuan and lots of fun. Not bad! Gonna do this again next time, but then a little bigger.