Sam the terrorist arrived in China

It has been some days I guess since I have been away from Hollad. But it has been kind of hectic. I will start from the trip till today.

The trip started early at 6:30, train to Schiphol and than flight to London, wait in London for 5 hours. So I was waiting and got little bored and decided to walk around for a bit and sit at some other places, and watch some episodes on my laptop. Than when I saw I could check in for my flight to Beijing I noticed I forgot my jacket somewhere, so I went to look for it at the places I went before. Because this jacket is my 4-5 year old favorite jacket :D

Then I found it after 10 minutes of searching and thought ah great just get it. Than I noticed there were more securtiy than normally around me. I thought hmm just walk away and at that moment one of them talked to me, asking me if it was my jacket. What is in your pocket? Why did you leave your jacket? What is the flashing light in the jacket? (My bike light, but forgot i took that with me haha)What is your destination? What is your intention? What will you do in beijing? And he kept complaining it was really not good to leave something... he asked me more questions but can't remember all of them.

After a little trouble I arrived in Beijing, took some subway to get to the hotel and meet Marry again :D was really good. We stayed in a hotel for 2 days while searching for appartments. Some of the appartments were so bad haha, with toilets which looked like they weren't cleaned for weeks, but we finally found one for a decent price. A 2 bedroom appartement with a living room, and kitchen for 400 euro a month. House prices are quite high here in Beijing compared to Xiamen. To buy a house also costs like 200.000 euro or more for 60-80m2.

There has also been some snow really fun, because it was Marrys first time to see snow in her whole life. Had some lil snowfights etc hehe :D Too bad didn't make pictures yet, will try to make more. We got a camera just forget to take it...

Edit: Made some pics of the appartment, you can see them here: