Setup IPv6 in Tsinghua on Linux(ArchLinux))

Tsinghua university uses ISATAP to provide IPv6 connectivity to students. In Linux you can use the isatapd program to create an ISATAP tunnel based on an IPv4 device.

You can use the isatapd command as follows to establish an ISATAPD tunnel:

isatapd --router

After connecting check that you have received an global IPv6 address with:

ip -6 a

As a last check you need to check your default ipv6 routes. In some cases 2 default routes may get added:

ip -6 route

If there are 2 default routes make sure to delete the route which goes out via your physical device e.g(eth0 or enp2u5). In my case I had to delete one of the default routes as follows:

ip -6 route del default via fe80::5efe:a66f:1501


Archlinux provides an isatapd package, which you can install via pacman -S isatapd. The package comes with a systemd service at /usr/lib/systemd/system/isatapd@.service. You can start the service with: systemctl start