The dillemma: You're accessing your server via SSH through interface eth1.102 with the ip and gateway Now you want to add eth1 to a linux bridge so you can hookin VMs on a vlan trunk.

Solution: Create a script which does everything in 1 go and call this script from screen. Make sure the script is flawless else you still loose your connection.

This is the script I used:

# First remove the old vlan device
ip link set dev eth1.102 down
ip link delete eth1.102

# Create the bridge 
brctl addbr br-eth1
brctl addif br-eth1 eth1

ip link set eth1 up
ip link set br-eth1 up

# Add the vlan tagging ontop of the bridge
vconfig add br-eth1 102

ip link set br-eth1.102 up
ip a add 166.111./24 dev br-eth1.102
ip route add default via

Now you should first open a screen session(maybe optional) and then call ./, which create your bridge and setup the previous interface ontop of the bridge without losing your SSH connection :)


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