Bart and his lost Bike

Yesterday Bart went on a trip to Tianmen Square, but after coming back I got a call that his bike got lost. So my first thought was must be stolen, but then he said he put it in front of the police post. So I gave it another thought and maybe thought it can still be found if we have look. So Lindan and me went to Wudaokou to check, where we found there are no bikes so maybe the bike shouldn't be put there.

A few moments later Lindan found a sign saying in Chinese characters "You can't put your bike here, you should be responsible for your own acting(禁止停放自行车,后果自负。" Which Bart couldn't understand of course. So Lindan first asked some cleaner or traffic guy, where they would put the bikes, but he didn't know. Then we asked at the police station and they said the put it at a nearby bike parking place. At the bike parking place it was just a matter of finding the bike and paying 2 eurocent, which is the normal price for 1 day parking. So it all ended well. I will also study reading and writing Chinese characters more, seems it's quite useful here.