A New Start in Beijing

Pics: https://picasaweb.google.com/118136053313378320646/Beijing2011WithBart

After a tough trip, waiting in moscow for 8,5 hours we finally arrived in Beijing. On the way to the hotel Bart found the traffic here a little rough and dangerous, but actually I found the driver today was driving quite peacefully already haha. Guess I got used to the kamikaze drivers, which cross the roads the way depending on luck whether they live or die. After arriving at the hotel we were greeted with a friendly NiHao(ni hau).

This was the hotel we lived in for 168Yuan/night (17 euro). We also helped Bart to rent a kid's bike for 6 euro for this month. The bike here is pretty handy. We went to bike for half an hour and arrived at the mountain. It was my third time already to go to the mountain. The first time was with Lindan on the bike and 2nd time I went with my old classmates. It's my favorite mountain. Here are some pics: https://picasaweb.google.com/118136053313378320646/Beijing2011WithBart

We also went to the olympic park, which you can see on the pics. Also been there for several times already but I still like it there, always nice and cosy, people dancing, singing and chilling. Next time we will go there in the daytime so we can feed the koi carps there.

Although we did a lot of fun things, we also had to find an apartment because we will be staying here for 1 year. Yea it's definite now. We need to pay the rent for 1 year, because the landlord lives far away and this was how they wanted things done. I first thought maybe it's a cheater, but we already registered at the police so he isn't a cheater. But need to get enough money before the end of the month. He first even said if you dont have enough now we can't rent it out.. So we arranged we can pay the remaining money at the end of the month. I will have to work hard this year I think :P The apartment is really good though, nice living room and good furniture big bed, everything I need.

Tonight will go to the outside swimming pool again. Lindan's swimming skills improved a lot, but still needs practice so she won't die when she falls in the sea. Thanks to Bart's mother we also know we can go to something much better than Tikibad in the watercube(in Olympic Park). We are planning to go there somewhere soon.